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Creating your first website can seem like a daunting experience.

First Website
For a long time you have had an idea just floating around. A business maybe part time maybe full time!

How Do I Start?

No matter what the idea is you will need customers to know about it and you will want to give the best first impression that you can. Looking online shows a range of options and services which you may or may not need. Any search for website brings back results for Website Design, Hosting, SEO Services and too many more to mention.

So what do you need to start.

  • You need a responsive website. A responsive website is a website that works and looks good on PC, Mobile or Tablet.
  • You need to decide early about on page optimisation and SEO Stratagy
  • You need some engaging content. When visitors come to you site you need to educate them about your product or service in a way that they gain from the experience. To help with the experience you will need images and possibly video.
  • You will need hosting. Most Web Design comapnies will provide this as standard but check to ensure you are also getting email hosting. As looks more professional than a gmail account.
  • If you are just starting out it would be advisable to claim your social media accounts and Google Business listing as early as possible.

Once you have a website the real work starts! Getting you page to rank on Google or any other search engine can be more work than building it. Is this something you are willing to try yourself? There are a range of factors that influence you search engine ranking. From Page Speed to external links, in fact many believe the actual number of factors taken into consideration by Google alone is in excess of 200. Once your site is looking good it maybe worth your while asking your designer to spend some time optimising the site, especially the technical side.

So the take away points

  • Consider SEO from the Start
  • Create great Content
  • Check you hosting options

Lastly make sure you hire someone you can work with. Starting out on this journey should be an exciting and fun time.

Best of luck.